We from Weka Marine have experience in serving the marine industry since 1957. During this period we have heard a lot of questions, some of these questions come by regularly and therefore we have summarized  and answered them below:

  • I have little space, can I use a Weka Boxcooler?
    • To save space, we have developed a so-called “Stepping Unit”. This application allows us to supply the required cooling capacity with less space.
  • Do I need an Icaf system or coating for a Weka boxcooler?
    • No, Weka Boxcoolers are constructed using uncoated 90/10 copper-nickel tubing. This alloy does not require a protective coating or ICAF (Impressed Current Anti-Fouling) system due to its inherent corrosion resistance to seawater and natural anti-fouling capabilities.
  • What information do you need to engineer a product?
    • Our team will need the following specifications to make a proper product recommendation:

Engine Information

  • Engine Type (Propulsion, Bow Thruster, Generator, Other)
  • Emissions Data (Tier 1, 2, 3, or IMO)
  • Engine Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Rating (BHP / RPM, BKW / RPM, EKW / RPM)
  • Engine Age
  • Percentage of Antifreeze Used
  • Heat Rejection
  • Fresh Water Flow Rate
  • Fresh Water Temp Into Cooler
  • Fresh Water Temp Out or Drop Across Cooler

Reduction Gear Information

  • Make and Model of Gear

Vessel Information

  • Type of Vessel (e.g., Ferry, Trawler, Tug)
  • Hull Construction (Steel, Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum Painted/Unpainted)
  • Minimum Hull Speed at Full Rated Power (Under Full Load)

Environmental Conditions

  • Maximum Seawater Temp
  • What does the maintenance of a boxcooler look like?
    • Once every 5 years when the ship is brought ashore for maintenance, the box cooler, if it has been grown, must be cleaned with high pressure water jets.