Weka Marine delivered a beautiful order of 19 copper nickel boxcoolers to Colombo Dockyard PLC.

Weka Marine and Colombo Dockyard PLC have had a good relationship for years because of the good cooperation between both parties.
The amazing project we delivered is for a 50 m Twin Hull Catamaran hull Pilot Station Vessel for General Company for Ports of Iraq (GCPI) as per an Agreement signed with Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) of Japan.

The Pilot Station Vessel is a twin hull Catamaran type vessel which will be used to transport pilots and provisions, to provide pilots with accommodation services and to provide station and necessary support for pilot boats. This is a 50m length vessel with a breadth of 18m and a depth of 6.1m. The vessel is driven by two powerful diesel engine and shall develop a speed of 14 knots. The vessel shall be fully air-conditioned and shall provide accommodation for 47 persons.

Because of the Covid situation we are not allowed to go to Sri Lanka, but if it is allowed again we go to them for commissioning. The coolers are on their way and we can’t wait to see how they are built in.

To give you a small impression of what this looks like you can see some pictures we took just before it was sent for transport.

Are you also looking for a cooling solutions for your vessel or would like to know more about our boxcoolers (Cu/Ni 90/10), contact our sales team here.