Weka Marine. Our name may be new. But our company is built on more than 50 years of leadership and value creation for our stakeholders.

Weka Marine — a premium maritime cooling solutions company dedicated exclusively to solving our customers’ most challenging cooling challenges — is renamed from the company Weka Boxcoolers b.v. in July 2020.

Weka has been a pioneer and expert in maritime cooling solutions, providing equipment and services for offshore, maritime, stationary and industrial applications with a broad portfolio of products and services that address the full cycle of maritime cooling.
Our strong product brands such as the Weka Boxcooler, Gridcooler Keelcooler and the Weka Steel cooler are the essential building blocks of the Weka Marine brand. With decades of experience in their categories, these brands are at the core of who we are and each is part of the new, revitalized future we’re creating together at Weka Marine.

With greater strategic focus than ever before, a strong and experienced leadership team, a high-performance company culture and a clear plan for short- and long-term growth globally, we are building on the strength of our history to deliver a higher level of customer service, innovation and value — today and well into the future.

Would you like to know more about us or our portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us.