Within the context of sustainability, Weka Marine has started a research project in collaboration with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has started a project called Blue City. The old swimming pool on the Maas Boulevard in Rotterdam known as “Tropicana” has been transformed into a research center for circularity.

Teachers, students and researchers can connect with the business community for circular economy and innovation in BlueCity.

The goal of the collaboration is mutual reinforcement of BlueCity and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Prepare students to practice their profession in a circular society by actively participating in making BlueCity and Rotterdam fully circular. In addition to being a meeting place, it is also one large lab (biolab, food lab, manufacturing lab, etc.). Circular is the key word here. That’s something else than just sustainable. A lot is sustainable, but not everything is circular”.

BlueCity currently has about 40 of those entrepreneurs of which RotterZwam (growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds) is probably the best-known, ‘oldest’ and largest. Other names you’ll come across here are Fruitleather (transforms fruit residue into a leather-like material), Superuse-Studios (creates urban ecosystems from valuable waste streams, including several office units within BlueCity) and Perpetual Plastic Project (an interactive plastic recycling installation where plastic waste is recycled on site by 3D printers into new products).

Together with Blue city, Weka Marine facilitates an interesting business case for the students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. They will research how Weka Marine can make its products fully circular. They will not only look at the materials, but also at the underlying logistical and business aspects.

The project kickoff will be on the 11th of February.