The Weka CuNi 90/10 boxcooler has natural anti-fouling capabilities. To keep the boxcooler protected from welding- and stray currents and keep the natural anti-fouling capabilities, Weka developed the Weka Guard and the Weka Protector.

The WEKA Guard is a device which protects the Boxcooler from being damaged by welding currents. The WEKA Guard must be connected to the cooler and to the ship’s hull during the newbuilding process of the ship when the ship-based electrical supply is not yet available. If not installed, the Boxcooler may suffer severe corrosion due to the welding currents.

The WEKA Protector is a small device, which is placed in the vicinity of the Boxcooler to be protected. The WEKA Protector will protect the Boxcooler from being damaged by ICCP-systems or stray currents originating from sacrificial anodes. It also protects the boxcooler against marine growth by stimulating the natural anti-fouling capabilities of the Copper-Nickel boxcooler. The WEKA Protector comes in three variants, the single-, dual-and multi-protector.

After installation of the Weka boxcooler, it need’s to be checked if it is installed correctly by measuring the electrical resistance or electrical potential.

If the vessel is in drydock:
Measure resistance Ohm (Ω) when the guard is installed between copper tube sheet and ship’s hull the resistance must not be less than 500 Ω. If no Ω measurement then the cooler is not isolated and must be checked and isolated again. For example, check for broken gaskets, broken bushings. The surroundings must be clean. No metal pieces / chips in contact with the coolers on the top plate, or inside the sea chest.

When the vessel is afloat:
Disconnect the Guard, for a moment to measure the Electric Potential (mV) between naval brass tube sheet and ship’s hull. Then reconnect the guard and do the same.

When the vessel is prior to delivery:
Install the Weka Protector. Check if LED is blinking, once every few minutes , to ensure the Weka Protector is in working condition before installing. Disconnect the Guards and connect the Weka Protector with blinking LED, every cooler one Weka Protector. Brown cable to naval brass tube sheet of cooler and the blue cable must be grounded to the ship’s hull.
If any assistance is needed during these measurements, feel free to contact our office on or call +31 180 512 459 16.