On the 7th of September Jacques Huurenkamp from Bureau Veritas, was the first visitor came by in our new office. We were pleased to welcome Jacques as the first visitor, we hope many more will follow. If you are in the area, we would like to invite you for a cup of coffee.

Weka Marine collaborates with Bureau Veritas and other classification societies, because Weka Marine’s steel- and Boxcoolers are built with the highest quality standards and is willing to put its performance into test. Therefore, Bureau Veritas does witness pressure tests, material tests, pressure gauges approval and cooler type approval for Weka Marine on request.

Jacques came by the office the other day to do a witness pressure- and material test for a steel galvanized cooler, to provide the cooler with the requested certificates. Jacque has been coming by the office for over 10 years and is a welcome guest. Of course, the cooler checked that day fulfilled the requirements for the certification.

When a customer requests a certificate of Bureau Veritas, Weka Marine invites Bureau Veritas to come over when the cooler is produced. On that specific date, a surveyor of Bureau Veritas visits and tests the cooler. After the cooler has successfully fulfilled the test, both the inspector and our quality/technical manager sign the certificate.

In this way we also like to thank Jacques for the pleasant and fine collaboration in the past years and we hope many more may follow.

Are you interested in a cooling solution with Bureau Veritas classification, or do you have any questions about the classification process? Please do not hesitate to contact our technical or sales department.