Weka Marine is known for its cooling solutions for the maritime industry and especially for its Copper-Nickel boxcoolers.
The Copper-Nickel boxcooler has been produced in many different shapes and sizes over the past decades for any size vessel in areas ranging from the tropics to Antarctica.
We have had many notable projects, but this was our first Silver boxcooler!

The usual copper-nickel alloy ratio used for the boxcooler is 90/10. This alloy is known for its natural anti-fouling capabilities. For this reason, we produce our boxcoolers and grid coolers utilizing this type of material.

Besides choosing a unique material, every cooling solution gets a special treatment from us, as they are all custom-made. For this reason, we regularly receive requests to carry out special projects. These include applications in the industrial sector or cooling solutions onboard vessels in unique working environments.

One of our customers asked us to replace the current CuNi 90/10 Boxcoolers installed on their vessel with a CuNi 70/30 variant. This was to use a tougher material in heavy-duty working conditions. We took up this challenge and got to work!

Our “Silver” boxcooler with CuNi 70/30 alloy is ready to serve MS Hein with cooling the engine.

If you have a special project that requires a specific design or a special cooling solution, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department. They will be glad to help you with the realization of a unique cooling solution for your project.