About Weka Marine

In the beginning…

A factory near the river 

The Weka founders mr. De Kwant & mr. Westbroek started with a strong vision for the marine industry. Offering reliable on-demand services to all marine companies that cruised the IJssel in the Netherlands. The factory was located near the river so vessels could be services quickly and effectively.

The two men had a strong belief that technological enhancements and new perspectives could push the marine industry forward. In 1980 the first Weka Boxcooler was installed onboard. This encompassed the start of a new era of delivering smart cooling solutions.

Fernstrum group of companies

A broad range of cooling solutions

After a fruitful partnership over a period of 25 years, Weka Marine (Previously known as Weka Boxcoolers) became part of the Fernstrum group of companies in 2013. Resulting in a broad range of cooling solutions.

We’re on a mission

Maximize your cooling capacity & support marine life

Our Weka Marine Environment (WME) program, enables you to move towards a resilient ocean (sustaining marine life and functioning ecosystems) and an efficient cooling system on board.

How?  Through our circular economy process and innovative cooling products that deliver sustainable productivity and meet your challenges, such as rising operation costs, tighter regulations and increased societal expectations. WME Program is feasible today, requiring a small shift in how we collaborate and innovate. WME Program is an invitation to join us in co-creating and adopting the solutions that will transform maritime industry into more sustainable industries and taking care of our oceans in the process.

We are here to serve you

Since the very beginning, Weka has always had a strong focus on delivering the very best service

In the 1950’s the focus was on effective & reliable ship maintenance. Today this focus has evolved into advisory services both online & offline.

Online: In the news section of this website you can find many Q&A articles surrounding all cooling topics. We regularly update this informative platform so you can discover answers to all of your cooling questions.  

On-site:  Our field engineers, cooling experts & feasibility researchers are ready to assist you with all your cooling challenges. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask. We are just 1 phone call away…